Wet Corrosion (WET) is a member program that focuses on methodology development for determining corrosion of metallic materials in liquids.

Member companies include manufacturers of materials, manufacturing industries and end-users. Wet provides you with a network and the possibility to participate in different research projects.

Our focus

Research and development within Wet focuses on:

  • Development of test methods (electrochemical and non-electrochemical techniques)
  • Standardisation of corrosion methods
  • Basic knowledge of corrosion mechanisms
  • Modelling of the interaction between materials and liquids
  • Development of monitoring techniques

Member benefits

As a member you have the possibility to influence project planning and orientation of research within the program. You may choose to be active within the projects or may only choose to use the program as a networking opportunity. Current members include steel producers, manufacturing companies and end-users, such as nuclear power plants.

Wet is organised as a collaboration program between Swerea KIMAB, Institut de la Corrosion and the member companies. Meetings are arranged twice a year, either in Sweden or in France.

More information

Please contact us if you would like to become a member or if you have any questions.

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