Partnership stage 3

Participation in the Institute Excellence Centre PRISMA 2013-2015

A) Support - Minor participation, only in joint centre activities
- Network gatherings, activities arranged by the centre, maintenance of joint resources

B) Active - Major participation, including access to research programmes
- Joint research (30 % of budget)
- Priority company-specific activities, “Service fees” deducted during the year

C) Commissioned R&D work - further indepth work/support via commissioned assignments

PRISMA phase 3 extends over a three-year period starting 1 January 2013. The programme for joint research is established in consultation with industry partners. For the joint research, external funding will be sought, to the greatest possible extent, via national and international funding sources. Initially, Swerea MEFOS supports the research, such that the contribution from industry is at least 50 %. The share of centre funding over which the participating companies themselves decide must be applied, during the year, to research projects initiated by the individual company or jointly with another party.

Joint activities are controlled via a management group, and as outlined in written quarterly reports on the joint projects and in an annual report describing the centre's activities. A decision is taken as to how management and reporting of priority company-specific activities between the the parties will take place. Unless otherwise decided, the same reporting model will be used for the joint research activities.