Established in 2006 within Swerea MEFOS, PRISMA - the Centre for Process Integration in Metallurgy - is an Institute Excellence Centre. The centre was established with public funding via VINNOVA - the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems, the Knowledge Foundation and the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research. The aim of state funding was for research institutes, universities and industry to pool resources in the creation of an internationally leading milieu for research, development and innovation related to process integration within mineral processing and iron and steelmaking.

The initial three-year phase concluded in 2009, and the steel industry and public funding bodies agreed to fund a further-three year period of operation ending in 2012. There was great interest in the centre and the number of industry partners has since the start increased from three to nine. Within PRISMA there is a strong focus on holistic solutions for improving energy efficiency and material efficiency through the entire manufacturing system from mine to finished product.

PRISMA has signed a new three-year agreement with industry partners for continued research concerning process integration and systems optimization in the metallurgical industry. Together, SSAB EMEA, SSAB Merox, Ruukki Metals, LKAB, Höganäs AB, AGA Linde and Lulekraft will invest 8 million kronor over three years.