Research within PRISMA focuses on process-integration applications in iron and steelmaking and related process systems. The centre's programme provides milieus for internationally leading research, development and innovation within areas that are of importance for future competitiveness and growth in the industry. Collaboration within PRISMA is open to industry, universities and research institutes. PRISMA is a part of Swerea MEFOS.

Today’s society is placing increasingly strict demands on its industries regarding environmental impacts, energy efficiency and waste minimisation. This, in turn, has led to a need for improved methods to examine industrial plant systems and their interplay on the surroundings. Process Integration and mathematical programming are useful methods to effectively evaluate large-scale industrial systems. PRISMA is specialized in this approach.

PRISMA provides applied research in iron and steelmaking production systems for the industry and engages more than 10 experts dedicated to process integration. The team has closeness to the collected knowledge at Swerea, on metallurgy and process modelling  and the expertise in metallurgical processes.

"Process integration takes into account the systems full potential"

Business concept

PRISMA is an independent knowledge center at Swerea MEFOS for stakeholders in industry and society whom in their activities seeks long-term sustainable development.
Our business concept is to offer:

  • systems based tools for advanced resource optimisation,
  • overall optimisation instead of sub-optimising the individual unit processes,
  • competence in applied process integration, specialising in metallurgical industries.