Despite the existence of different discussion Groups or Congress on these topics (mainly CEOCOR and NACE), there is a lack of a structure within corrosion and cathodic protection (CP) in soils, where studies of common industrial interest could be performed.

Institut de la Corrosion (IC) and Swerea KIMAB have conducted many studies and have significant experience in this field, active for more than 30 years, within the framework of consultancy projects and Joint Industry Programs. With this background, IC and Swerea KIMAB propose to create an active framework (Member Research Consortium – MRC) in the field of soil corrosion and CP in soils.

Main objectives

The main objectives of this MRC will be to gather end users, engineering companies and material producers (piping & coatings) to discuss current issues/concerns related to corrosion in soil and CP in soil, and to perform R&D programs using facilities and experiences at IC and Swerea KIMAB


An MRC comprises a number of companies that share common interests. Together, they formulate projects that are carried out in close collaboration with Institut de la Corrosion or Swerea KIMAB.

Within our MRC we create regular networking opportunities for partners in industry, public administrations, materials suppliers and researchers. This includes project meetings, seminars, conferences and courses.