The member programme for metallurgy deals with process development including for example modelling, optimisation, measurement and process control within producing, refining and casting of steel and other metals. Joint research, business intelligence and an extensive international network are important benefits of our membership offer.

Membership gives many advantages and member companies have varying needs over time

  • Participation in joint research projects together with other companies, universities and institutes (both Swedish and international).
  • Discount (20 %) and priority access for work in our facilities
  • Access to our extensive networks, mainly internationally but also in Sweden
  • Business intelligence
  • Participation in interest groups (members can also initiate interest groups)
  • Access to Swerea MEFOS expertise
  • Seminars, training programmes

Regular members/part owners can also influence our research activities and orientation. Several member companies are therefore represented on Swerea MEFOS programme committé, which discuss strategies and priorities for joint research.

More information

Please contact us if you would like to become a member or if you have any questions.