Materials in Machining (MM) is a meeting place for joint research within machining. The research is carried out in close collaboration and in partnership between industry companies with the aim to create industrial benefit for our members. 

MM connects companies within steel manufacturing, cutting tools manufacturing, forging companies and components manufacturers. Together we solve challenges within machining in an efficient way. Project goals are prioritised by member companies focussing on industrial needs and relevance.

We solve our members’ challenges

At Swerea we are four people working with research and experimental development in machining and with machining equipment. We can help you with:

  • Understanding of the origins of notch wear in machining of high alloyed stainless steels.
  • Optimisation of tooling solutions with steel characteristics in milling of 60 HRC tool steel.
  • Understanding how different steel making processes affect PCBN-cutting tools in hard part turning of carburised steel for transmission parts.
  • Cost efficient and large scale production of quick-stop chips, with full safety for operators, using a new advanced and smart QS technique.
  • Application knowledge and implementation of high speed imaging (HSI), with solutions for mounting in the lathe and rotary machining. Filming with closed slots offers full work safety.
  • Tool wear-tests with the aid of electron microscope and our researchers’ extensive experience.
  • Expertise in milling, drilling, cutting and gear cutting etcetera.

More information

Please contact us if you would like to become a member or if you have any questions.

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