Materials in the pulp and paper industry (CPPI) are exposed to corrosive environments in almost all applications. This member programme deals with corrosion challenges within the entire production process.

When producing pulp and paper, there are many production steps in which materials are exposed to extreme corrosive environments, such as in digesters, evaporators, recovery boilers, bleaching, paper making machines and chemical storage tanks.

The high costs of exchange of and reparations of equipment, often caused by increased demands on recycling and energy savings, has led to new challenges within corrosion protection.

Member benefits

As a member you get access to a wide contact network where experiences can be exchanged. You also have the possibility to influence the orientation of the research within the program, and you will get prioritised access to Swerea KIMAB services for a reduced cost. 

Our resources and services are extensive. By joining our resources and your experiences we can solve mutual challenges in an efficient way that benefits all members.


  • More than 40 years of experience within the field of corrosion connected to the pulp and paper industry
  • Expert knowledge of both metallic materials and polymers.
  • Experience of damage and failure analysis
  • Advanced analysis equipment
  • Equipment for exposure in extreme environments


  • Inspections and life-span assessment
  • Failure analysis
  • Advice for material selection.
  • Consulting for planned operation changes.
  • Material lab-tests and field testing.
  • Support in procurement processes
  • A broad and varied selection of courses

More information

Please contact us if you would like to become a member or if you have any questions.

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