Member Programmes

Swerea manage several membership programmes. By gathering different players with interests in the same research area, we are able to find efficient solutions to joint challenges. Many research projects are initiated through collaborative membership programmes.

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Our membership programmes


Within the MRCwe focus on corrosion and corrosion protection of materials used in the Aerospace industry. We work with research and development, testing and evaluation of materials for use in Aerospace applications.

Automotive Corrosion

A member program for studying and analysing corrosion on different types of materials in order to improve and develop solutions that lead to greater sustainability and competitiveness in the automotive industry.

Centre for Joining and Structures (CJS)

A platform for research and development within the field of joining and structures.

Coil Coating

In this MRC, we are working to better understand and disseminate knowledge about coil-coated products. Besides providing a unique platform for regular meetings, exchange of knowledge and experience and discussions, the MRC sponsors several research programs.

Computational Tools for Alloy Design

A forum for users of thermodynamic and kinetic calculations for process and alloy development.

Corrosion in Oil and Gas Production

The site in Saint-Etienne is specialized in corrosion resistance of materials used for oil & gas production, which requires specific facilities such as H2S and ATEX laboratories.

Corrosion in Pulp & Paper Industry

Materials in the production process of this industry are generally exposed to a very corrosive environment. This MRC program deals with issues linked to minimize the corrosion problems in the pulp and paper industry, by experience collection, research projects and consulting.

Corrosion Protection

Within the member program we work with various methods of corrosion protection, such as organic and inorganic coatings, cathodic protection, temporary corrosion protection as well as studying the effects of Changes in operating environments.

Corrosion Test Methods

Testing the corrosion resistance of materials is an important requirement when selecting materials, protection and design of a structure. In addition, corrosion monitoring techniques provide direct and online measurement of metal loss/corrosion rate in real environments.

Heating and metalworking technology

Member programme for the latest research and development in heating and metalworking of steel and other metals.


A leading multi-sectorial Lightweight arena creating competitiveness on behalf of Swedish industry

Low Alloy Steels and Casting

A member programme for research and development of cutting edge knowledge and long term development of steel making.

Marine Corrosion (Off-shore)

The MRC Marine Corrosion is aimed at those with an interest in the corrosion resistance of materials used for seawater applications. Together we test the limits of applications for given materials and design solutions for corrosion protection.

Materials in Machining

Research on machining of components and development of cutting processes.

Metallography and Micro Analysis

A member programme for research and development of new and existing methods within metallography.


Member programme for the latest research and development in process metallurgy for steel and other metals.

Non-Ferrous Metals

A member programme focussing on product- and process development for non-ferrous metals.).

Polymeric Materials in Corrosive Environments (T5)

The work of the program aims at building up corrosion science for polymeric materials, analogous to that of metals, to create “true” relevant corrosion and permeation resistance data, i.e. data which can be used to obtain reliable designs with respect to corrosion of polymeric materials.

Powder Metallurgy

A member program for research focussing on the impact of alloying elements, contamination and process parameters on microstructure and characteristics of powder materials.

Process Monitoring

Member programme for companies interested in the development of techniques for monitoring of industrial processes.


A research consortium dealing with corrosion and cathodic protection of buried structures.


Research on stainless steels and nickel-base alloys focussing on the entire product chain – from materials production to the end-consumer.

Surface Technology

A member programme for research and development of corrosion protection and surface technology.

Welcome to PRISMA

Centre for Process Integration in Metallurgy

Wet Corrosion

A program with a focus on the development of methods for corrosion measurements of metallic materials in liquids. Member companies include manufacturers of materials, manufacturing industries and end users.