Actions needed

The competence required to complete the circular value chain "Tree to Textile and Textile to Textile" is available in Europe. Raw material supply and pulping technology expertise are represented by forest-rich regions in the north, and great competence in textile production is found in central and southern parts of Europe.

Also, textile recycling initiatives are growing across Europe and the need for material and process development is high. Therefore, cross-sectoral and European collaborative research is needed to reach a sustainable production of textiles in Europe using forest resources and recycled cellulose-based textiles, including cotton, as raw material.

Research, Development, Innovation

  • From tree to pulp: New technologies for pulping, adaptation and characterisation of pulp.
  • From pulp to thread: Development of new and efficient cellulose solvents and formulations, spinning technologies for new formulations, and processes for recycling of chemicals.
  • From thread to textile: Sustainable fibre modifications and textile production.
  • From textile to garment: Sustainable product manufacturing.
  • From recycled textile to textile again: Material and process development to use recycled cellulose-based textiles, including cotton, as raw material.


  • Early demonstrators: To prove the concept within the research community and industry.
  • Marketing activities: Branding and tracing of products.
  • Garment collections: To increase visibility in society, to improve opinion formation and to test the impact on the consumer market.