Training reveals the full potential of aluminum use

Swerea has helped Sapa to develop various types of joints for use as training material in the popular Profile Academy training programme.

For twenty years Sapa has regularly arranged training programmes, so-called Profile Academies, to share knowledge about how aluminium as a material, and aluminium profiles in particular, can be used most effectively.

Within the Profile Academies, participants are trained in areas including material properties, design, construction, dimensioning, pressability, surface treatment, forming and joining. The programmes are arranged throughout the world and include both theoretical studies and practical exercises.

Joining methods demonstration pieces 

To give course participants knowledge and experience in different joining methods and materials, demonstration joints are used in teaching. The demonstration pieces, developed jointly by Sapa and Swerea, consist of several different materials that have been joined together using a range of methods. 

Some of the joining methods that have been used are adhesion bonding, riveting and various types of welding.

Demonstration joints used globally

The purpose of the demonstration joints has been to give a more complete picture of how aluminium can be used. Important considerations include everything from how effectively the materials can be joined using the various methods to final properties with respect to corrosion and mechanical strength.

The demonstration joints have already been used in several training programmes throughout the world and participants have shown great interest in the demos.