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The clothing industry must change

Nearly six lakes the size of Sweden’s 5,655 km2 Lake Vänern – that is how much water the clothing industry uses in artificial irrigation and textile production each year. The company We are Spin Dye wants to break the trend and has developed a technique that dyes clothing entirely without using water.

The clothing industry must change, is prepared to change and wants to change. This is the firm conviction of We are Spin Dye (WRSD). They have developed a technique that eliminates the need for water in the dying process.

Dyeing without water

Dying of clothing is traditionally a process that uses pigments, chemicals and large volumes of water. With the SpinDye technique, the fibres absorb the pigment without the use of water. The technique helps the clothing industry reduce water consumption from textile production by 75 percent and also reduces the use of chemicals and carbon dioxide emissions.

Life cycle analysis validate environmental savings

WRSD has collaborated with Swerea, which among other things has performed a life cycle analysis. The analysis has resulted in an environmental product declaration that describes the benefits of the new process.

“Swerea is our partner in work with validating the environmental savings we’ve achieved with our dying technique,” says Axel Mörner, CEO for We are Spin Dye. “We’re extremely satisfied with the results of our collaboration.”

He mentions that Swerea has both breadth and knowledge of the areas that are important for the company, but even more important are Swerea’s passion and professionalism.

“It’s hard to imagine a better partner for a young Swedish textile company,” says Axel Mörner.

Commercialisation of method

SpinDye is in the commercial starting blocks. The method has previously been used in the plastics industry, but WRSD has developed a system for also using the technique in textile production for the fashion industry.