Paint Center test facility

Test facility saves time and money

At the Paint Center pilot facility, companies can test methods and equipment without disrupting their production. This saves both time and money, and testing at the facility is typically conducted with a long-term approach and through close collaboration.

The Paint Center is a pilot facility for painting processes. It is operated by Swerea and gives companies the opportunity to test and evaluate their processes externally, which means that they do not need to interrupt or stop their ordinary production.

Efficient product- and process development

The concept saves both time and money, and collaboration with Swerea is conducted with a long-term approach and close to companies’ product or production development.

RobNor is one of the companies to have benefited from the Paint Center. Pelle Andersson, CEO at RobNor, believes that the advantage of the Paint Center is in being able to utilise the combination of experience and academic knowledge.

“By combining RobNor’s experience-based knowledge with Swerea IVF’s academic knowledge, new opportunities are provided for finding entirely new solutions and optimising results in existing processes,” says Pelle Andersson.

400 square metres of possibilities

Nearly 40 projects were conducted at the Paint Center during 2014 and 2015, both longer and shorter projects. Most companies are associated with the automotive industry, but paint suppliers, general industrial companies and material producers also use the facility. 

The 400 square metre Paint Center has a station for pretreatment, two spray boxes with robots and advanced application equipment, as well as kilns. At the facility companies can, for example, evaluate different painting methods, paints and chemicals.