Service vehicle interior

Test bed makes industry more flexible

A new test bed is increasing the industry's capacity for material flexibility – to alter materials and production volumes quickly and easily, in step with new needs and requirements.  

When new customer needs arise, a company must be able to quickly alter production. To do this efficiently, the company can get help to model, test and verify materials and manufacturing processes in the MATFLEX test bed.

Efficient production changes

The test bed can assist companies needing to alter production or in developing a new material for a product. It can also help brand-new companies not yet set up for production to get started, test ideas and receive assistance during operational start-up. 

Swerea developed and oversees the MATFLEX test bed. One of the companies assisted was Modul-System. They manufacture interiors for service vehicles and introduced a new lightweight concept, which was sought after by their customers.

New product and production line

In the project, the test bed was used for recommendations and examination, which resulted in a new production line for aluminium boxes. The company also recently launched an easy-to-install floor for service vehicles. 

"The company has increased turnover by around 30 % since we launched our aluminium boxes," says Anders Carlsson, Technical Manager at Modul-System. He continues:

"This is largely due to the improved economy, but also because we are able to offer competitive solutions developed in collaboration with researchers."