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Mapping makes your electronics safer

The reliability of electronics can only be guaranteed if they are designed for the environment for which they are intended. In an EU-wide project, Swerea has assisted SETEK Elektronik in producing an analysis module for precisely this purpose.

For a long time, Swerea has taught the industry that the reliability of electronic products requires knowledge of the environment in which they will be used. For many products this is simple, especially if the expected lifetime is short. However, if the products are intended to have a long lifetime (15-20 years) and operate in a tough environment, careful analysis of the environment is required as part of the design work.

Sensor maps the operating environment

Within the framework of the EU project, Smarter Si, Swerea and SETEK Elektronik have developed a sensor to map the environment. The uniqueness is that it can detect condensation, in addition to common parameters such as temperature, humidity and vibration.

The sensor has been developed by the CiS Research Institute in Germany, and is now available on the market via SETEK Elektronik.

New product a result of cross-collaboration

The module is mounted in the operating environment and stores data for a selected period of time. Stored data is read and used in the design work. This way, the electronics can be designed for the relevant environment.

“Thanks to the collaboration with Swerea, SETEK has come up with a new product.The target group is partly companies we have traditionally worked with, but also new industries have shown an interest. We have experience of collaborating with research institutes and are very pleased with the collaboration with Swerea. We believe that the project is a good example of the fertile ground that exists between research institutes and industry,” says CEO Hans Richert.

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