Lean work saved Setrab

Setrab’s production is characterized by innovativeness, structure and quality. The Production Leap has taken the company from a state of chaos to orderliness, and Setrab now focuses solely on creating new business and finding new customers.

Among other products, Setrab in Limhamn manufactures oil coolers for vehicles. The company’s production is managed according to the principles of orderliness, systematic working methods and harmony, and the focus is on continuous improvement in operations, creating new business and finding customers. 

70% improved lead times

In recent years Setrab has succeeded in reducing lead times and rejects by about 70 percent. The company now has a winning concept. But this has not always been the case. Several years ago the company posted record sales figures. Even so, production was chaotic.

Too much time and energy was spent producing the products and delivering them to customers on time. All too often, the focus was on solving acute problems, and delays and quality issues were

"Lean production system saved the company"

Setrab grasped the problem and, together with the Production Leap, embarked on a journey of change targeted on achieving better, more stable production. Today, Setrab has clearer planning, focuses on its business management organization and is engaged in continuous improvement in all processes within the company.

“Previously, we had a traditional supplier-customer relationship, where we placed the blame on each other,” says Setrab’s president, Fredrik Serger. Now, harmony is the watchword and Setrab receives high ratings in customer evaluations.

“We never would have made it financially if we hadn’t taken the Lean initiative. Our Lean production system has saved the company,” concludes Setrab’s accounts manager,
Hans-Åke Krantz.