Grinding machine

Improving quality gives companies a cutting edge

Two of Swerea's member companies are world leaders in manufacturing grinding wheels. They regularly use Swerea's grinding machine and consult with our competent technicians to develop grinding wheels that allow metal companies to grind their slabs in a more efficient way with better quality.

Surface conditioning of steel casting is a costly process that reduces the productivity and material exchange of metal companies. It occurs in a noisy environment and generates a residual product of troublesome dust and swarf that must be cleaned to be reused. For quality reasons, the process is still necessary and should, therefore, be done in the best possible way.

Swerea has many years of experience in surface conditioning of steel castings. Together with the metal industry and its supplier companies, new technology has been developed that has been of benefit to Scandinavian steel companies. They have been able to make smart investments in advanced technology for, among other things, high-temperature grinding, which improves productivity and makes great energy savings possible.

Two of the world’s leading grinding wheel manufacturers return regularly to Swerea to test their products in industry-like conditions and with the best control of the most important process parameters.

“In order to better serve our customers’ new needs in the steel industry and maintain our leadership on innovation, we have been actively developing new BZZ products not only with better robustness and improved grinding performance, but also more environmentally friendly. This is also the reason why Saint Gobain Abrasives Research & Development team keeps working extensively with the Swerea application team to refine the grinding performance correlation between laboratory and full-size machines”, says a company representative.