harmful chemical substances in clothing

Hazardous chemicals identified in textiles and clothing

In collaboration with the Swedish Chemicals Agency, Swerea has identified and assessed more than 3,500 chemical substances, 10 percent of which may be potentially harmful to human health.

In a study presented by the Swedish Chemicals Agency, hazardous substances that are used in clothing and textiles and which may be present in our immediate environment have been listed.

More than 3,500 chemicals were identified from several databases. 10 percent of the substances studied are considered to be harmful to humans and about 5 percent are potentially hazardous to the environment.

Hazardous substances list for future regulations

Swerea developed a method, specially for this study, to be able to prioritize the substances in terms of their relevance for textiles and their potential effects on humans and the environment. The substances that were identified as being particularly hazardous may be included in data that will serve as a basis for further Swedish regulation within the framework for future EU legislation.

As a result of the project, Swerea and member companies within the Chemicals Group will work actively toward phasing out use of these hazardous substances. 

Swerea Chemicals Group

The Chemicals Group at Swerea shares leading-edge knowledge about chemical substances and environmentrelated issues with more than 100 member companies. The companies represent the textiles, footwear, furniture, retail and electronics sectors. 

Via the members’ group, in addition to advisory services, they gain access to various guides, databases, checklists and contract templates. These help the companies to ensure that their products comply with applicable legislation.

The entire report can be downloaded from the Swedish Chemicals Agency website: www.kemi.se