Cutting of composite material
Foto: NFTC

Crucial training in aeroplane technology

Students at the Nordic Aviation Technology Centre need training in composite materials as part of their education. At Swerea’s facility in Öjebyn, students receive the training required by the Swedish Transport Agency.

The Nordic Aviation Technology Centre, NFTC, trains flight mechanics and flight technicians with a focus on aeroplanes and helicopters. Education in aviation technology is one of Luleå’s local profile branches, although both the high scool and higher vocational education programmes recruit from all across the country. The training centre is located at Luleå Airport.

In close collaboration with NFTC, Swerea has carried out the education module that deals with composite materials according to the requirements set by the Swedish Transport Agency. The education module has consisted of both theoretical briefings and practical work done by the students.

The training focuses on three areas:

  • Composite materials and manufacturing
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Repair technology

“It has been very valuable for us to have our students been given the training in an environment with resources and expertise specialising in composite materials,” says Rolf Öhlund at NFTC.

The NFTC follows Swedish ordinances on higher vocational education, the provisions of the Swedish Education Act and the European aviation regulations laid down by EASA (the European Aviation Safety Agency). 

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