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Course increases prevention of casting defects

The level of knowledge and understanding about casting defects has increased at the Xylem foundry in Emmaboda. The reason for this is a course in how and why casting defects arise, arranged by Swerea at the company.

With 1,400 different items, the demands placed on the operators’ knowledge at the Xylem foundry in Emmaboda are substantial. Among other things, it is necessary that they are well-informed about the factors and conditions that can cause casting defects. To increase knowledge about how and why defects arise, Xylem sought the help of Swerea and the course “Casting defect analysis – Specialisation cast iron”.

“As the course was linked to the business, many issues arose which led to increased awareness and a focus on defects and quality improvement,” says Peter Björnsson, foundry manager at Xylem.

Company tailored course adds value

The course has previously been run both on-site at Swerea and out at companies’ premises. The difference from the past was that a special training module was added which related exclusively to Xylem’s products.

“It made the training course even better. I went there two weeks before the course and, along with staff on site, went through all the defects that they thought were important and wanted to bring up for discussion. They also sent me material and pictures that I could use to compile the course material,” says Swerea’s Lennart Elmquist, who led the course together with course administrator Henrik Borgström.

Many participants at company's premises

Organising the course at a company’s premises also means that many more can attend. At Xylem, more than 30 people participated, both operators and technicians. With so many participants the course was able to act as a starting point for work on quality issues.

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