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Clothing company tests to melt clothes

Can clothing made from polyamides and elastane be melted and then sewn into new garments? The clothing company Boob Design has tested this, together with Swerea, in a study which provided much insight into future material choices and product development.  

The clothing company Boob Design AB is a pioneer in terms of using recycled materials in their production. They have a vision of being able to sustainably close the textile life-cycle.

Recycling of garments by melting

They recently participated in a study to determine whether they could recycle their clothes by melting them and producing yarn from which to weave new thread for use in new garments. Some clothing was already made from recycled materials, which would now be recycled a second time, while some was of virgin materials. The garments were made from elastane and polyamide 6.6.

Composition of materials affect recycling

The results showed that this material composition was not suitable for melting. However, the study did produce valuable information on material choices and future product development, as well as a greater understanding of how material properties and composition affect recycling potential.

"Participating in this study has proved invaluable. We want to create products that are a part of a circular concept and can be recycled in order to reduce our environmental impact. We will now follow up on the study's conclusions and recommendations and evaluate how we can alter design, material choices and production," says Jenny Kaleinek from Boob Design.

The study was conducted with the Swedish School of Textiles in Borås and Swerea.