Better weld quality with new online method

The Onweld project is like a Kinder Egg – it has many benefits simultaneously. For example, a prototype for new measurement technology that can provide optimised structures with a longer life span, a start-up company and conditions for further research.

Project Onweld is about a new and effective online method to measure the quality of welded products. The method is based on using a line laser scanner in combination with algorithms for measuring geometries of welded joints. Above all, the weld’s radius to the substrate, which was previously difficult to measure.

“The problem with previous methods is that you’ve only been able to measure a few positions, on random samples, and then assume that the quality was consistent throughout the structure,” says research coordinator Joakim Hedegård.

Complete picture of the weld

The new method gives a more complete picture of the entire weld and is also impartial. Measuring quality of welds is important for determining how long a structure will last. Ultimately, it also has a beneficial effect on material consumption, environmental impact, competitiveness and economy.

New start-up to develop the technology

Onweld has resulted in an automated and highly accurate system, and in the start-up company Nordic Welding Engineers that will develop it under the Weld Assist brand. The researchers have been praised through both the Steel Research Prize and from Swedbank.

“It would have been great if the system could work in more gritty, industrial environments. We got on top of vibrations, but we didn’t have time to find solutions for smoky environments. And just imagine if we could produce a handheld instrument. I think it would be a great help for smaller companies involved in steel structures,” says Joakim Hedegård.

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