Water pipe leak
Water pipe leak caused by incorrect edge preparation. A trained inspector would most likely have discovered the error.

Better knowledge prevents water leaks

Several failures of new water lines have led to Swerea initiating a programme for training inspectors in the water and sewerage sector. The training raises the level of knowledge, and thanks to better inspections, the service life for water lines is increased.

Damage to larger water lines can cost up to SEK 700 000 to repair. Guarantee periods from manufacturers and contractors are often short, leaving the municipalities to cover the costs instead. Together with 4S Ledningsnät and Svenskt Vatten, Swerea has therefore started a course to train inspectors in the water and sewerage sector. The goal is to avoid future failures.

Polyethene for piping material

The course is intended to increase knowledge of polyethene as a piping material and of how the products can be quality-assured, what is included in contractors’ undertakings as well as how welding work can be inspected.

“For each failure we avoid, large sums of money are saved for the tax payers,” says Tomas Helenius from 4S Ledningsnät. The course is appreciated by all parties in the market.

“The course has given me knowledge of how I can inspect welds and job sites, as well as how to search for any additional information I may need,” writes one of the course participants in a course evaluation.

Cooperation for sewage systems

4S Ledningsnät is a collaborative organisation for pipeline system owners and publicly owned administrators of water and sewerage systems.