Measurement technology for heating and metalworking

The course concerns fundamental technologies and possibilities for measurement and digitalization in the steel industry. The aim of the course is to give participants better insight into the area of measurement technology. Among others, the following questions are considered: How are temperature, dimension and forces measured? What influences the measurement result? How do we get a robust signal with minimal disturbance and minimal measurement uncertainty? What equipment is available today and tomorrow? 

The course covers the following course components:

  • General electrical theory and electrical components
    • Voltage, current and resistivity
    • Analog -to-digital converter
    • Signal processing
    • Inductive, capacitive, resistive and magnetic sensors
    • Temperature, power, motion and ultrasonic sensors
  • Measuring Principles and Measurement Equipment
    • Pyrometer
    • Thermographic camera
    • Laser
    • Gas Analysis
    • Spectrometer
  • Vision Technology
    • Image Processing
    • Camera types
  • Measuring of
    • Dimension
    • Temperature
    • Forces
  • Error sources and interference in measurement systems
    • Uncertainty
    • Shielding / ESD
  • Future
    • Big data
    • Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT)
    • Future trends

Lecturers are researchers from Swerea MEFOS. The course will be given in English.


Download programme (116.47 KB)

For whom is the course intended?

The course is intended for engineers and technicians working in the steel and metalworking industries.

SEK 13 800 excl. VAT for Swerea MEFOS members and SEK 17 250 excl. VAT for non-members (assuming sufficient interest for a minimum group size)