Past Events

Date Event Type City
19 September 2019
Seminar in Characterization and modelling of materials defects Seminar Linköping
08 - 09 April 2019
2nd Conference on Additive Intelligence 4.0 Conference Gothenburg
04 April 2019
Seminar in certification and acceptance regarding materials in contact with drinking water Networking Stockholm
27 March 2019
Seminar in Materials and coatings for fuel cells and batteries Seminar Stockholm
26 November 2018 Latest advances in characterization techniques for coating processes Seminar Linköping
13 November 2018
Accelerated Testing of Solder Joints – It Doesn’t Have to be a Waste of Time and Money Seminar Gothenburg
06 - 07 November 2018
Technical Cleanliness according to VDA19.1 and VDA19.2 Course Mölndal
25 October 2018
Seminar Day on Process Modelling and Simulation for Composites Seminar Linköping