The future industrial worker

On the basis of “good examples” from nine companies participating, a framework is developed setting focus on new dimensions in development of industrial work of the future.

Industrial Work – a competitive factor

We arrange and offer workshops between companies and organisations for them to learn more about the Industrial Work of the Future. The framework is based on how companies in Sweden develop the industrial work to strengthen competitive production. The industrial study was initiated from the workers´ and  the employers' union in Sweden, Swerea's industrial association and Vinnova.

Attractive work place

The underlying assumption was that industrial work is a competitive factor. Good conditions and an appealing attractive work for the individual is the foundation. The framework includes common core values/attitudes that the participating companies consciously strive to develop. The framework includes following  main categories:

  • Individual – Team
  • Management – Communication
  • Improvement- and development work
  • Competence development

Within these categories there are dimensions where the participating companies work in a new way compared with the past. Based on these industrial studies, the industrial work of the future is about:

  • Parallel development of individuals and teams, partnership and commonly agreed and accepted ways of working
  • Customer focused improvement–  and development work
  • Organization to cover reflection, constant improvements, solution-focused problemsolving
  • Leadership based on coaching and teamwork which creates good conditions in everyday work
  • Accessible information and forums for communication that supports decision making within teams
  • Integration of working environment issues in development work
  • Development of common attitudes/core values: endurance, attitude, courage, respect for the individual

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