Noise & vibrations

Consider noise and vibrations right from the start of the design process. By doing this, your products will sound great, have low vibration levels and are cheaper to manufacture.

At Swerea we help customers to systematically identify and eliminate noise and vibration problems and suggest solutions that are implementable from all angles. Swerea's activities in noise and vibrations are mainly directed towards targeting noise and vibration problems at the source. We have a large number of tools at our disposal to help us solve problems and propose solutions. These are mainly:

  • Automatic Balancing. This technique eliminates noise and vibrations caused by imbalances and rotating forces.
  • Measuring noise and vibrations. We have equipment to carry out most types of noise and vibration measurements.
  • Simulations. Our software can build models of machines and study the differences between different solution proposals.
  • Manufacturing prototypes. We provide great opportunities for building prototypes to assess different design solutions.
  • Tuned oscillation dampers. This technique eliminates noise and vibrations caused by torsional oscillations.

We work with eliminating noise and vibrations from all types of machines such as washing machines, bedrock drills, medical technical equipment and rotating machines in general.

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