Industrial work environment

Not only does a good work environment ensure the well-being of employees, it is also a legal requirement, it reduces costs and it improves productivity, quality and employee commitment.

Deficiencies in the work environment can have serious consequences for the individual. In the workplace these deficiencies give rise to increased costs as a result of absence due to illness, rehabilitation, personnel turnover and production stoppages, damage to equipment, poor quality and underutilized potential.

A good work environment is an important competitive advantage

An investment in a good work environment has a positive effect on morale and fosters greater employee commitment. A good work environment is also an important competitive advantage, since it attracts young people to jobs in industry. Swerea adopts a holistic approach to industrial work environment by combining improvements in a material or manufacturing process with improvements in the work environment.

This may refer to the safety-related aspects of a manufacturing process such as casting, ergonomics with respect to assembly work, or how work at a specific machine affects job tasks/content, sound and vibrations. We employ several working methods and tools and, by following the work flow, we can improve individual job tasks as well as entire production systems.

We mainly fous on:

  • The interplay between physical, psychosocial and organizational ergonomics
  • Job tasks/content
  • Competency development
  • Safety
  • Hazardous substances and chemicals
  • Sound and vibrations

How can we help you?

Do you need to improve your competitive advantage while at the same time attracting new co-workers to interesting and developmental jobs in an engineering or industrial company? We conduct development work in collaboration with universities, companies, labour-market actors, industry trade associations and networks, etc. to develop the attractive industry jobs of the future.

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