Change leadership

Swerea's research only produces value through desired changes that continue to develop through the company's own efforts. We have developed many different methods and tools that can be combined according to the company's unique needs.

Leadership in a lean environment

Are you a supervisor, middle manager or a top-level executive? We train and coach managers, dedicated change leaders and co-workers.

Effective planning and project management

In complex process planning, when new products are being brought into the production flow, the project manager and process planner must be able to communicate effectively. We help to implement physical and digital tools for surveying and visualizing information and production flows.

Committed co-workers

Employees want nothing more than to contribute to the success of your company or organization. These ideas are presented in the book Det värdefulla engagemanget. We provide presentation material, questionnaire survey tools, worksheets and methodology guidance.

Industrial Work of the Future

We arrange workshops with the participation of companies and researchers on the topic Industrial Work of the Future. Our material provides a framework for analyzing a company's current status and creating a plan of action. If you wish to know more about our working methods and tools, or if you want us to manage your change process, please feel free to contact us.

Contact and more information

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