Automation for smart production

With automation for smart production, we focus on areas of your production system that must be developed in order to meet customer needs, now and in the future. The goal is smart and efficient production made up of “smart production cells” with competent co-workers.

To identify current and future needs with respect to improvement and development, we start by looking at the flow of production. 

Automation step-by-step

Together, we conduct a current-status analysis of your production system, focusing on material flow, value creating time (VTC), bottlenecks, capacity for flexibility, quality and delivery precision. Using this information as a basis, the next step is to envision a future state of the production facility and the flows, layouts and steps towards automation leading to it. In dialogue with company management, production managers and operators, prioritization, delineation and plans of action are established.

Analysis of production cells

By selecting an individual production unit and focusing on individual production cells, we study, for example, the flow through the production unit or production cell and the functionality of the production unit. Common questions are:

  • How long is the cycle time?
  • What proportion of the total time is value creating time (VTC).
  • Which operations are performed?
  • How are the operations performed and what is their quality?
  • How is retooling done and how are new products taken into production?
  • What level of automation does the equipment have?
  • How is information to operators and equipment managed?

Based on a current-status analysis, opportunities/possibilities for improvement are presented and scenarios are developed as a basis for taking automation to the next step. 

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