LEAN product engineering - the right product at the right time

Lean product engineering or Lean Product Development (LPD) is a process that can help your company to improve productivity and efficiency. It's a matter of reducing the amount of work invested in the project and utilizing resources efficiently and effectively while at the same time getting your products to market faster.

Swerea has longstanding experience of the development and implementation of lean product development in close collaboration with industry. Lean product development is implemented according to several lean principles. Practical methods and tools are applied for these, based on customer focus, knowledge management and an even flow in the process.

Implement lean product development

In many cases, implementing lean product development involves a major change. Most other established development processes are based on the so-called ”stage-gate” philosophy, with "gates" at which decisions as to subsequent steps are made based on activities that have been completed. In LPD ”integration events” are instead realized. These are instances when technical decisions are taken on the basis of the knowledge that has been produced in the process.

Networks and collaboration

Via Swerea's LPD network, you have the opportunity to exchange experiences with other companies, and we have quarterly meetings to spread new knowledge and share experiences. Our research is conducted in collaboration with academia and industry, both in Sweden and internationally.

The Production Boost is a national programme for so-called "lean journeys", whereby we support companies for an extended period of time. Learning is the key to the lean journey and we work on several fronts at the same time, with theory courses, company-specific workshops and coaching. We strive to achieve a balance between culture and structure, which leads to lasting changes.

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