Washing processes

We offer services and expertise in the washing area that spans both research and development projects as well as training for specific assignments in relation to optimisation and functional testing of both washing machines and detergents.

Swerea has extensive expertise and experience in developing and optimising the washing processes, both industrial and for consumers. Above all, we work with wet laundry but we also monitor dry cleaning.

Washing process

If you have questions about how well your washing process meets hygiene requirements or wears out clothes, we have methods to evaluate this. Analysis of greying, cleanability, ash content and chemical wear (cellulose viscosity) are other critical parameters that provide valuable information about how well the current cleaning chemicals work together.

Cleaning Chemicals

Analysis of the spots and checks of fabrics that cause skin irritation, are also areas where we can help. In the industrial context, it is important that the correct materials are combined with the right cleaning chemicals to achieve the best results. We can test your material according to the ISO 15797 Industrial washing standard, a prerequisite for obtaining results that correlate to a “real life” industrial wash.

Rinsing process

If you want to control your rinsing process, we propose analysing pH and conductivity of the final rinse water. These parameters provide good information on how well the cleaning process washes away detergent residues and its ability to deliver a textile pH close to that of your skin (skin pH = approximately 5.0-5.5). As the Svenska Tvätteriförbundet's (Swedish Laundry Association) partner for quality control in industrial and consumer laundries, Swerea has a high level of expertise in the area.

We are accredited to conduct testing of detergents according to the Nordic Ecolabel and Bra Miljöval (Good Environmental Choice), but we also carry out customised company evaluations of a limited scope.

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