Technical textiles

Function is almost always the main focus when choosing a material. Technical textiles can fulfil the trickiest of specifications as properties that are normally in opposition of each other can be accomplished, e.g. tensile strength and flexibility. The development is heading towards new integrated functions, such as sensors and control of the textile’s properties.

Technical textiles are textile materials with non-clothing applications and where appearance is of less importance. As technical textiles can be designed in a number of different ways there are also many different applications and areas; e.g.  airbags, climate screens, moulded felt, protective clothing, sound-absorbers etc.

The focus is first and foremost on the textile fibre’s properties but the concept “technical textiles” embraces a wide competence area. We work with:

  • Adherence and coating technology
  • Impregnation and flexible composites
  • High performance fibres
  • Functional coatings and fibres
  • Nonwoven
  • Textile constructions and structures
  • Moulded fibre structures
  • Development of product concepts
  • Process development
  • Seminars and custom made courses

Collaboration with industry is essential and is conducted partly through consulting assignments but also in projects where several companies share the costs and the results.

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