Certify textile products with OEKO-TEX STEP

Do you want to be able to show that your products and materials are produced in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way? Through Swerea you can certify your production according to STeP. The certification comprises environmental impact as well as chemicals, quality, social responsibility and safety in the workplace.

STeP (Sustainable Textile Production) is a certification from OEKO-TEX® Association and is aimed at companies in the textile chain that want to manufacture their products in a responsible way based on;

  • Environmentally friendly production
  • Safe workplace
  • Social responsibility
  • Quality assurance

Advantages with Oeko-tex STEP

A STeP certification involves that you actively work with minimising your risks, reducing the amount of resources you use as well as creating a safe and attractive workplace for the employees.  Furthermore, the certificate also provides a possibility to communicate your improvements to customers in a transparent way.

Scope of the certification

STeP analyzes and evaluates the existing production. In order to reach a certification, it is required that you actively carry out improvements for a more sustainable production as well as fulfilling the criteria of the standard.

Control of emissions to water and air, risk prevention to avoid workplace accidents  and replacement of environmental- and health impairing chemicals are examples of issues that are included. A company that has come far in its work to implement STeP can work with questions such as equality and diversity in the workplace, zero tolerance of faulty goods and Design for Environment.

Are you interested in certifying your company according to STeP? Contact Swerea for more information. You can also obtain more information on STeP’s website.

Contact and more information

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