Comfort is an essential property for textile products

Good comfort is an essential property for many textile materials and products, and Swerea conducts testing- and R&D activities in this area. Examples of products include: clothes, furniture, healthcare products and various leisure articles. We can assist with measurement assignments as well as product development.

Comfort can be divided into thermophysiological and mechanical comfort and our activities comprise both of these sections. Thermophysiological comfort is mainly about various products’ moisture- and heat transport properties while mechanical comfort covers for example a textile material’s tactile properties or a piece of furniture’s pressure distribution ability.

Comfort measuring methods

Although comfort is a property that does not exactly allow itself to be measured, we can, with the help of measuring methods, quantify a large number of properties that are strongly connected to experienced comfort. Examples of such properties are: heat- and vapour resistance (”breathing properties”), moisture management, pressure distribution of a mattress or seat or the micro climate that arises when a certain product covers sweaty skin.


We also have great possibilities to custom design methods of measurements for customers’ specific needs, or offer measurements with the help of test persons. With our extensive experience in how different types of materials and products work in different comfort related situations we can be advisors or partners during development or modification of products for which comfort is an important property.

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