Recycling of polymers

Over the years, Swerea has built up solid expertise in the field of recycling plastics. We have important knowledge of material separation, characterisation and quality assuring, adapting and upgrading recycled materials.

Recycling of plastics

Recycling of plastics has become highly topical through increased awareness of climate change, the necessity of saving natural resources and reducing the dependence on raw fossil materials like oil.

For several years Swerea has run research programmes on the recycling of cables in collaboration with member companies from the cable industry. The aim is to recycle the plastic materials in the cable as far as possible (metals are already recycled). We also work broadly with other types of plastics.

Property assessment for improved recycling

We offer services in recycling of polymeric materials, which includes:

  • Characterisation of the recovered material with respect to mechanical properties,   thermal properties, chemical properties and lifetime properties.
  • Processability of the recycled material, in other words process properties for injection moulding and extrusion.
  • Upgrading the recycled material to improve its material properties and processability. This includes typical material development, compounding and evaluation.

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