Swerea is a leading player in the area of biocomposites, with expertise, experience and equipment for developing materials, products and processes for biocomposites. The focus is on matrices of a thermoplastic or curing nature mixed with different natural fibres (flax, hemp, wood, cellulose).

Biocomposites based on a thermoplastic matrix

We possess great experience of biocomposites, based on a thermoplastic matrix in combination with various biobased fibres. These mixtures are compounded and granulated so that they can then be injection moulded or extruded into different components/products. Examples of materials for thermoplastic matrices are polypropylene, polyethylene and examples of biobased materials are cellulose esters, PLA, etc. Wood fibre and cotton are some examples of studied fibres.

Mixing fibres

We have great experience in creating biocomposites based on thermoplastic matrices by mixing thermoplastic fibres with biobased fibres. A thermoplastic fibre such as polyester is mixed with a biobased fibre such as flax, hemp or cellulose, for example, using carding and pinning, and is then pressed into a component/product.

Biocomposites based on curing matrices

We also have experience of biocomposites based on curing matrices with biobased fibres. In this case, the matrix is biobased and curing, e.g. modified soybean oil. Fibres that are also included here are flax, hemp and cellulose. The fibres are impregnated with the liquid matrix material and then hot pressed in tools to create a finished product.

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