Materials and failure analysis for ceramics

We offer assessment of ceramic material in relation to its microstructure, porosity and pore size distribution as well as the mechanical and thermal properties. The area also includes analysis after failures.


The Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and Electron Probe Micron Analyser (EPMA) provide the opportunity to study the microstructure of a material in detail, its composition and homogeneity, presence of impurities, clarification of reasons for failure through fractography analysis, etc. The combination of microscopy and chemical analysis of the studied surface provides valuable information on the material and its properties.

Porosity and pore size distribution

A material's open porosity is determined through water penetration and its pore size distribution is determined through mercury (Hg) penetration under pressure. All material that does not react to mercury can be analysed.

Mechanical properties

Mechanical assessment mainly takes place through three or four point bend tests of standardised sample rods or via any alternative test method. The combination of mechanical testing and fractographic analysis of the fracture surface give valuable information to ascertain why the material has broken.

Thermal properties

Important parameters are the expansion of the material as a function of temperature, decomposition and other reactions during heating and thermal shock.

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