Ceramic prototypes

Ceramic materials can be processed with standard process techniques, if  done before the material is sintered. The CAD model can then be used to create the required geometric form from several different materials such as zirconium oxide, aluminium oxide, hydroxylapatite or any other material specified by the customer.

Mechanical properties of the machined material

The method with which the machining is carried out is important for the component’s surface and also for the component’s mechanical performance.If the machining is not adapted to the material used, the mechanical characteristics can be drastically reduced due to surface defects.

Dimensional stability

The ceramic material will shrink during sintering. Therefore, the form of the component created needs to be scaled up correspondingly to compensate for this shrinkage, so that it has the correct dimensions after sintering. The precision received varies with the type of material used, but is usually within a range of 0.1%.


Ceramic components can be created from many different materials to improve characteristics for different applications. Some examples of characteristics for which improvements could be desirable are mechanical, thermal, chemical, biological, tribiological or aesthetic.

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