biobased materials

Biobased materials

Biobased materials represent a future opportunity for creating products from locally cultivated materials. With the focus on the production of textiles and biocomposites, Swerea is building a future with raw materials from the forest.

Use of biobased materials

The use of biobased materials is wide and the material can be used, for example, in furniture and automotive components. Plastics can be reinforced with wood fibre to create a biocomposite. The advantages of this are that the material becomes stronger and that less plastic is required, since it is replaced by wood fibre. 

Cellulose and natural materials

We offer assistance with developing new textile products from Swedish forestry raw materials using the wet-spinning method. By using biobased materials, also called raw materials from the forest to produce cellulose-based textile fibres, the demand for textiles can be met in a sustainable manner, at the same time as access is assured to raw materials in Europe. 


CelluTex are one of the initiatives we are coordinating to stimulate research, development and innovation in the filed of biobased materials.

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