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Textiles Production

Swerea applies and develops innovative manufacturing methods for production of fibres and yarns for textile fabrics and products from biobased and synthetic raw materials. Through research and collaboration we develop sustainable new textile materials and materials with new functionality.

We are well-versed in technologies such as melt spinning, melt blowing, electro-spinning and solution spinning. Wet spinning, a variant of solution spinning, is a proven method for manufacturing fibres from material that does not withstand melting, for example, biobased feedstock, such as cellulose from forest raw materials.

Smart textiles

Examples of fibres that have been developed, or are under development, include temperature-regulating fibres (phase change materials, PCM), electrically conductive fibres (heating, smart textiles), piezoelectric fibres (sensors) and electrospun nanofibres for biomedical applications.

Equipment for textiles production

Swerea has many years of in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of polymeric materials. For assessment of raw materials and finished fibres, we have advanced equipment for mechanical testing and physical and chemical analysis. We have a fully equipped textile laboratory for assessing the mechanical and chemical properties of the developed materials.

We have pilot lines for melt spinning (bi-component, 1-3 kg/h) and wet spinning (0.5 kg/h). For manufacturing specific compounds (melt spinning) we have a modern twin-screw extruder with gravimetric dosing and degassing, 5-50 kg/h.


CelluTex are one of the initiatives we coordinate to promote research, development and innovation within the area of biobased textile materials.

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