Metalworking & Processing

Demand for ultra-high-strength metals of consistent quality is increasing. Industry wants to produce cost-effectively, with low energy consumption and minimal waste both during manufacturing and the product lifecycle. We help the industry to meet high demands on performance, weight, energy use and sustainability.

Via simulation with thermomechanically linked models we recreate realistic conditions and identify and solve problems in production processes, for example, in heating, rolling, forging, sheetmetal forming and hardening.

Material analysis

Materials analyses, including Gleeble tests, provide indata for accurate computation. We use FEM and CFD, as well commercial and proprietary software. Modelling is a complicated craft that is based on indepth and detailed knowledge of processes. Our experienced researchers select the relevant parameters.

Process control

Where measurement technology and process control are concerned, the great challenge is to guide and control processes with minute precision using contact-free systems in real time. Swerea provides expert analysis and assessment of metalworking processes. We combine this with advanced knowledge of accurate measurement and analysis of process data.

Test facilities

Pilot facilities at Swerea include test equipment for operations such as casting, heating, hot and cold rolling, forging and grinding. Test work is carried out by process specialists with a high degree of confidentiality and flexibility using advanced measurement technology.

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David Martin

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