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Ceramics Production

Swerea has expertise in manufacturing processes, prototyping and design of products made with ceramic materials. Ceramic materials are made by compacting a powder into a body which is then sintered at high temperature.

Ceramic material manufacturing methods

The choice of manufacturing method depends on component geometry, series size and requirement specifications for properties. Ceramics are hard, high-temperature resistant materials that are not subject to plastic deformation, have good corrosion resistance and low electrical conductivity. We produce prototypes and short series of components using new methods that can be scaled up to full industrial production.

Powder forming methods for ceramics

We work with a broad spectrum of powder forming methods for ceramics, for example slip casting, direct consolidation, granulating/pressing, tape casting, extrusion, injection moulding and additive (3D) manufacturing. We assist with:

  • Methods for granulating powder (ceramics, metal powder and hard metal)
  • Methods for forming ceramic components
  • Methods for sintering ceramics
  • Characterisation of powders, powder suspensions and powder-based pastes
  • Characterisation of the properties of ceramic materials
  • Production of ceramic prototypes

Ceramic packaging

Ceramic packages, whereby ceramic materials are integrated with a metallic lead, can be developed. Examples of packaged ceramics that we have developed include sensors for use in aggressive environments and components for cooling high-voltage electronics.

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Industrial Ceramic Research Association

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