Our research in machining is a meeting place at the highest level of industrial expertise in machining, steel manufacturers, cut manufacturers and manufacturing.

Swerea provides access to a network where research in cutting processing is integrated with including metallurgy, alloy development, steel manufacturing, mechanical testing of components, FEM modeling of materials and nondestructive testing. Examples of current projects include:

  • MACHINOPT  (Machinability improvement of high performance clean steels by optimization of non-metallic inclusions). Vinnova
  • Hard part turning of carburizing steels suited for automotive applications. Member programme
  • High speed filming in cutting technology. Member programme
  • Advanced quick-stop technique using the Buda method. Member programme
  • Industrial perforation of lightweight materials. Vinnova
  • MAC D  (Steel design and high speed machining aspects in the transition from case hardening to induction hardening of automotive transmissions). RFCS
  • FFI SMART (Sustainable manufacturing of future transmission parts) – Machinability of high performance steels for gears. Vinnova

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Ulrika Brohede

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