ivf SmartQuench - quenchometer

The ivf SmartQuench system, also known as the quenchometer, is your professional choice to ensure and optimize the performance of your quenching system.  ivf SmartQuench is developed and owned by RISE.

The ivf SmartQuench is used for inspection of quenchants and minimizes your quality costs, optimizes your selection of quenching media and maximizes the life of your quenching products. It helps you ensure the quality by minimizing variation in results, rework and rejects as well as production downtime. We have over 30 years experience of manufacturing test probes to ISO and ASTM standards.

The equipment is available as standard package and includes what you need to get started to measure still quenchants in your laboratory or in quench tanks.

Key items

  • Software for quenchant evaluation, incl. 1 hardware key
  • 1 Standard and 1 Reference test probe, 400 mm
  • Furnace
  • Hand unit
  • Beaker
  • Reference oil

Optional items

  • SQintegra - a powerful expansion of the basic software, containing two additional modules: HTC, for heat transfer coefficient calculations, and Property Prediction, for calculation of hardening capacity
  • Agitation device
  • Additional probes, lengths up to 1.5 m is available on request
  • Hand-held temperature instrument with thermocouple
  • Tachometer

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