Energy-efficient products

Energy efficiency is becoming an increasingly important issue. Two large changes, energy costs and the greenhouse effect, are driving this interest. This means new business opportunities for companies.

Map the energy consumption for your product

When a new product is developed it is often based on an older version. It is often valuable to map the older product's energy consumption before you map the new product you are trying to develop. What does the new product look like? What energy related improvements can be made? How can this be implemented together with all other demands placed on the product?

Market the low-energy product

Marketing energy efficient products is no different from marketing other products. Life cycle cost (LCC) is central to marketing an energy efficient product. A reduced energy cost during use should be communicated, marketed to the customer.

Swerea can offer

  • Analyze the life cycle perspective by using an energy map, measure the energy consumption across the entire lifetime of the product.
  • Energy declarations, the declarations are a systematic way of describing a product's energy characteristics.
  • Life cycle cost (LCC) - support you in marketing your energy efficient product.

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