Chemical Substances in Products

Society places very great requirements on companies and their products, but the European REACH Regulation also entails that you, as a manufacturer or supplier, must have complete information about, and control over, the chemical substances in your products. Especially important are children's articles and products that are worn close to the skin, such as clothing and accessories.

Swerea's knowledge concerning chemical substances in products has resulted in several commissioned R&D projects and collaboration with national and international chemicals agencies. Swerea shares its leading-edge knowledge concerning chemicals and environment-related issues with more than 100 companies. These companies represent the textiles, footwear, furniture, retail and electronics sectors.

The Chemicals Group

Via the Chemicals Group, in addition to advisory services, you can gain access to various guides, databases, checklists and contract templates. These help companies to ensure that their products comply with, and even exceed the requirements of, applicable legislation.

Identify toxins and chemical substances in products

In our well-equipped chemical analysis laboratory we provide chemical testing of textiles, leather and polymeric and metallic materials. We analyse a range of different products, such as garments, shoes, toys, accessories and medical-technical products.

Using a broad range of analytical techniques, we are able to trace carcinogenic and allergenic dyestuffs, perfluorinated compounds, phthalates, heavy metals and much more. Our experts assist with advice and consultation as to the selection of appropriate analyses, based on the constituent materials, dyes and finishing. Under the section on services you can read more about the specific analyses we perform, as well as product labelling and certification.

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