Surface treatment

Surface Treatment

How is a painted or coated surface affected by patches of surface contaminants such as oil, grease or oxides? Surface treatment is increasingly important in process and product development. Swerea has the resources for surface treatment and for assessing surface layers effectively and efficiently.

New market demands necessitate the development of new types of surface treatment and surface layers. We perform optimization and assessment of large-scale industrial surface treatment methods including pre-treatment, painting, cleaning, hot-dip galvanizing/metallizing, as well as processes such as local heat treatment and surface coating.

Assess surface treatment processes

Through ongoing assessment of new processes in various research projects we keep updated and well-acquainted with the latest processes. We have flexible pilot and surface coating facilities, and we have longstanding experience of work in the vehicles and metals industries, nationally and internationally.

Surface treatment collaboration projects 

We collaborate with industry on major projects, but we also conduct smaller commissioned R&D projects. Larger projects often involve surveys, finish, performance and support for optimizing surface treatment processes. Smaller assignments are done in the laboratory, where we measure and analyze surface-layer properties and appearance, perform environmental and corrosion testing, and analyze surface and particle cleanliness.

We can we help you with:

  • cleaning – pre-treatment and passivation
  • powder and wet coating
  • chemical and electrolytic surface treatment
  • environmentally adapted coating
  • corrosion properties
  • cure oven curves and degree of cure
  • testing of coating systems and thermally sprayed layers
  • determination of particle cleanliness

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Johan Tidblad

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