Water and waste water

Polymeric materials and metals such as brass, copper and stainless steel are widely used in piping for both drinking water and waste water. Inappropriate materials can give rise to to both water damage and to the release of hazardous substances in water. For environmental, health and economic reasons, it is very important to choose the right materials for these applications.

Swerea works with research, development, testing and assessment of polymeric materials and metals for use in water and waste-water applications. Our focus areas in recent years have been:

  • Corrosion of plastic piping in contact with purified water
  • Relining of drainage water piping with thermoplastics
  • Large-diameter FRP pipe for water supply, testing, and damage investigation
  • Brass alloys for drinking water, alloy development, testing, and damage investigation

We lead a Swedish network of about 30 organizations that are concerned with materials used in contact with drinking water, and we collaborate closely with several large water distributors. We also work closely with Swedish authorities and Nordic and European organizations such as the 4MS initiative on issues concerning the effects that material corrosion can have on the quality of drinking water.

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Olivier Rod

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