Pulp and paper

We has longstanding experience of research within corrosion of metallic and polymeric materials in the pulp and paper industry. Materials are exposed to corrosive environments in most applications; e.g., in digesters, beaching plants, paper machines and tanks.

The cost of corrosion is estimated at 3 percent of the pulp price, including costs for parts replacement and repairs. Requirements for recycling, energy conservation and reduced water use have presented new challenges in recent years.

We are well acquainted with most aspects of the process and the particular demands on materials selection posed by the many different environments. For more than 30 years we have studied digesters, bleaching plants, recovery boilers, pipework and tanks. We have thereby gained an indepth understanding of corrosive environments such as chlorine dioxide, residual acids, high-temperature steam, and white, black and green liquor.

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Magnus Nordling

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